Threads of Dreams and Realities

1 – 28 April 2024

Assembly Point, Southbank

Astrid Mulder

Threads of Dreams and Realities is a collaborative group exhibition at Assembly Point consisting of nine textile artists from the Naarm Textile Collective – an artist led group challenging the perceptions of textile art. We showcase progressive art forms using textiles and exploring its relationship to other art disciplines. Our goal is to provide a contemporary exhibition exploring the limitlessness of textile art.  

Threads of Dreams and Realities takes the process of becoming or representing something, an idea, a moment, a place, a meaning. In some cases, this may involve the process of formulating, adding colour, shading and texturing to create an image. In others, it may be shaping and moving material into new dimensions and forms. 

Our exhibition aims to raise awareness of contemporary textile arts, highlighting each artist and the quality of their work. It showcases innovative works in both 2 and 3D form, using a range of materials and techniques that challenge and subvert traditional ideas of textile art.

You can download the Threads of Dreams and Realities Catalogue here. To purchase works please contact the artist directly.


Curator – Tamara Russell @tamararussellart

Clara Batton Smith @elliottsplayground

Jasminka Ward-Matievic @jasminkaart

Juliet D Collins @julietdcollins

Kirsty Gorter @klugg13

Luci Callipari-Marcuzzo @luci_callipari_marcuzzo

Margaret Knight @margaretknightart

Rebecca George @rebeccageorgeart

Assembly Point is managed by Creative Spaces, a program of the City of Melbourne.