Stitching Change @ Assembly Point

September 2022

Assembly Point, Southbank

Asha Sym and Jacob Steele – Recondition

Stitching Change is an exhibition highlighting the abundance of textile artists in Victoria and showcases the progressive art form of textiles including work that explores the relationship of textiles to other art disciplines. 

Stitching Change takes shifts and changes as its theme, in particular it is centred on the way in which practices have transformed during the COVID-19 pandemic. These shifts may be around changing attitudes, the introduction of new materials and techniques, along with the impact of innovative ideas and evolving technologies. Stitching Change has been curated by Tamara Russell.

You can download the Stitching Change @ Assembly Point Catalogue here. To purchase works please contact the artist directly.

Assembly Point is managed by Creative Spaces, a program of the City of Melbourne.